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20 inch Weft Hair Extensions by Bellis©

We’ve traveled the globe in search of supremacy, that’s why our 20 inch Weft hair extensions stand alone and unrivaled in terms of crafted quality and quality of finish.

Manufacturing using high-end materials and top quality human hair gives our beautiful, 6A-grade, Remy hair extensions a robust, quality finish.

Weft hair extensions: Regarded as the most versatile of all extension types available. Reason being, they can be applied in 3 different ways:  they can be glued in, sewn in or clipped in.

If you decide to have them sewn or glued in, we’d recommend having a qualified technician fit them. Book a Fitting

How many 20 inch Weft Hair Extensions bundles do I need?

You’ve most probably heard or read terms such as half head or full head of hair extensions. In general terms, for a half head, you’re likely to need around 1-2 bundles. For a full head, you’ll need from 2-4 bundles.

Of course, each customers size and weight requirements differ somewhat….

20 inch Weft hair extensions – Size & Weight:  50g bundles, with each weft measuring 40cm in width. Beautifully crafted and made to last. 

How long will my 20 inch Weft Hair Extensions last?

When fitted, cared for, and maintained correctly, our 20 inch hair extensions will last for 10 months and you won’t need to worry about your extensions shredding.

So do our hair extensions shred? Unlike other providers, our hair extensions will not shred.

20 inch Weft Hair Extensions – Aftercare and Maintenance

A pivotal, yet often overlooked aspect of hair extensions is the aftercare and maintenance side. This is a MUST for customers wanting full usage of their hair extensions.

For an extensive run-through on best aftercare and maintenance practices, please read our guide:

Weft Hair Extensions – Aftercare and Maintenance

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