Double Drawn Hair Extensions – 24 inch Nano

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Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Experience the natural beauty and vitality of your hair with Bellis double drawn hair extensions. Made of 100% human hair, our extensions are double drawn to give you the volume and length you’ve been searching for. Russian remy hair is the highest quality in the industry and is known for its natural shine, body, and flexibility. With Bellis, you’ll never have to compromise on your hair’s health or style again. Order your set of extensions today and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

The Double Drawn process means that all shorter hair strands are removed and only full bodied hair makes up the hair weight, resulting in thicker fuller hair from the root to the tip. With professional application only, Bellis Double Drawn hair extensions allow professionals to deliver super thick extensions to their clients.

For many years, Bellis has been offering the finest in quality and service. Our products are unique in that they are made from 100% human hair. This is important because it ensures that the hair is healthy and strong.

We know that looking for the best hair extensions can be a very stressful and time consuming task. Our team is here to help you, with our professional advice and a wide range of products that will make your hair extensions look amazing.


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24 inch Double Drawn Hair Extensions by Bellis©

We’ve traveled the globe in search of supremacy, that’s why our 24 inch Double Drawn hair extensions stand alone and unrivaled in terms of crafted quality and quality of finish.

Each and every strand is manufactured using only the highest caliber hair and materials.

This gives our beautiful, 6A-grade, Remy human hair extensions a robust bond.

Double Drawn extensions are a relatively new development in the hair extensions world. They’re almost 90% smaller than their predecessor, the micro ring, and are quickly becoming the most sought after extensions of their type.

Their bond to your natural hair is much more discreet and, like the micro type,  there is no need for potential irritants, such as heat or glue.

How many 24 inch Hair Extensions do I need?

You’ve most probably heard or read terms such as half head or full head of hair extensions. In general terms, for a half head, you’re likely to need around 100 strands. While a full head will be around 200 strands.

Your hair thickness, head size, and finished look are all determining factors though, so we recommend consulting a trained technician should this be your first time using hair extensions. BOOK a FREE Consultation

What do they Weigh?

Our 24 inch Nano ring hair extensions weigh 1.0g per strand. each 50 strand bundle weighs 50g.

How long will my 24 inch Hair Extensions last?

Our 24 inch Double drawn extensions are a genuine 6A grade, Remy Human hair, which have been manufactured to last. Unlike other providers, our hair extensions will not shred.

When fitted, cared for, and maintained correctly, our nano ring hair extensions will last for 10 months.

Aftercare and Maintenance

A pivotal, yet often overlooked aspect of hair extensions is the aftercare and maintenance side. This is a MUST for customers wanting full usage of their hair extensions.



For an extensive run-through on best aftercare and maintenance practices, please read our guide:

Double drawn Extensions – Aftercare and Maintenance

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3 reviews for Double Drawn Hair Extensions – 24 inch Nano

  1. Maddy.t

    Fantastic quality and value for money. really happy, thanks a million x

  2. Tracy Medcalfe

    PERFECT!!! xxx

  3. gemma.l

    Extremely happy with the quality. Some of the best double drawn hair extensions I’ve used, and by far the best value!. my clients love them and I never have any complaints. The only thing I would say is my orders take between 2-4 days to arrive, but even then, special delivery is provided free of charge so what the hell! lol. 5 stars!

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