Your eye’s are not deceiving you! Our weft hair extensions really are this cheap.


weft hair extensions

weft hair extensions


Gobsmacked?… Well, just you wait until you see the quality! We’ve travelled the globe in search of supremacy, now we can offer our lucky customers high-end, quality hair extensions that will last! – All at low cost, trade prices!

How long will my Weft Hair Extensions last?

Our hair extensions last longer than the average low-cost providers. Our Remy Human hair extensions will last for up to 10 months when correct aftercare and maintenance procedures are followed.

Weft Hair Extensions – Aftercare and Maintenance

Aftercare and maintenance are pivotal, yet it’s often an overlooked aspect of hair extensions. This is a MUST if you want full use of your hair extensions.

For an extensive run-through on best aftercare and maintenance practices, please read our guide:

Weft Hair Extensions – Aftercare and Maintenance

This guide should provide everything you need.

How many Weft Hair Extensions do I need?

Your hair thickness, head size, and finished look are all determining factors when establishing the number of weft hair extensions needed. Thinner hair types usually need less, thus go for a half-head of extensions, whereas thicker hair types need more, so tend to opt for a full head of hair extensions.

What is a half-head or full-head of hair extensions?

In general terms, for a half head, you’re likely to need from 1-2 weft bundles. While a full head can be anything from 2-5 bundles.

The exact amount of bundles needed is determined by your hair thickness and finished look.

What are weft hair extension Bundles?

Weft extensions are applied in BUNDLES.

Each bundle consists of human hair measuring 40 centimetres in width and can come in a variety of weights.

What do these weft Hair Extensions bundles Weigh?

This type of  Weft hair extension weighs 50 grams per bundle.


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